100 years and counting

Our past is unparalleled.

For 100 years, Medill has trained the world’s best storytellers. Whether they are journalists who record the first draft of history or marketers blending data with creativity, Medill students and alumni craft the narratives of the events, people and brands that populate and animate our world. Our hands-on learning is matched with innovative research and thought leadership. Our faculty champion the democratic ideals of journalism, integrate the latest technologies in the classroom and leverage data to engage audiences.

And after a century of leading the way, Medill is just getting started. We will redouble our efforts to have significant impact on the students and industries we serve; we will continue to uphold the values of fairness, balance, accuracy and diversity in media; we will provide consumers and brands with the information they need to make meaningful connections; and we will continue to be the premier training ground for students interested in careers in communications, journalism and marketing.

Our future is unlimited.

Celebrating 100 Years of Medill

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