Cynthia Wang (BSJ93)

“After getting a taste of lectures in Fisk and dorm life at Willard as a Cherub in 1988, I jumped at a chance to immerse myself in Medill and the NU campus for a full four years. Sure, I spent more time at The Daily Northwestern than was healthy, but the skills and connections I gained from the paper, classes and internships led to a job at People Magazine, where I would spend 18 incredible years. Now I’m 27 years in to my career as an entertainment writer and editor, and I haven’t stopped. Medill not only gave me the tools to thrive in journalism but also the friendships and mentorships to flourish in life. I’m grateful I can give back now as a Cherub guest lecturer and instructor, paying it forward for a new generation.”

Photo of Cynthia Wang wearing a Medill sweatshirt.