Jonathan Eig (BSJ86)

“I had my first experience with Medill at 17, through the Cherub program. Once it entered my bloodstream, it took over my life. I’m still using everything I learned, every day. A quick story: I was a reporter for The Daily Northwestern. Medill was searching for a new dean, and a source tipped me to who’d been chosen. I visited the old dean in his office and asked him to comment. He said it wasn’t a done deal and the job candidate might turn down the offer. He asked me to consider holding the story. Proud of my scoop, I told the dean I thought it was news. He thought about it a minute and said I was right. We ran the story. That’s education. That’s Medill. (P.S. In this photo, that’s Jabari Asim looking over my shoulder as I interview Harold Washington, who came to campus unannounced to speak to students.)”

Black and White photo of Jonathan Eig interviewing Harold Washington.