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Medill is where enduring values meet innovation. Where compelling stories join forces with powerful data. Where global perspectives and on-the-ground experiences are an essential part of learning and leading. Building on a century of excellence, Medill is the top school of its kind in the world.

Medill Centennial Scholarships

As we celebrate our first 100 years, we are committed to enhancing the diversity of our community and the industries we shape. Gifts to the Medill Centennial Scholarships will allow us to attract top students, by meeting their demonstrated financial need, and build talented and diverse classes committed to telling stories and building brands that combat stereotypes and promote greater cultural awareness.

Ensuring a Strong Future

With the partnership and support of visionary donors, Medill can build on the strength of our reputation and continue to shape the future of the industry during this pivotal time. In addition to undergraduate and graduate scholarship support, Dean Charles Whitaker (BSJ80, MSJ81) has identified the following priorities to move Medill forward:

Student Experiences

Medill is committed to being need-blind in experiences, and student experience funds help provide life-changing, hands-on opportunities to those with limited financial resources. To give all students access to experiential learning, these funds underwrite participation in conferences, extracurricular activities, research and other projects.


Research funds support Medill’s research centers and institutes that expand our knowledge of journalism and IMC. Our research is done in collaboration with other faculty across Northwestern and partners in the journalism and marketing communications industries.

For further information about how you can support Medill, please contact Julie Frahar or Amanda Westrich.